Feeling comfortable enough with your partner to finally share your true feelings can be an exhilarating feeling.

However, it’s common to feel uncertain about sharing your deepest feelings. Anxiety can arise when you ask yourself if your partner will say it back or not. 

There is no guaranteed formula for when and how to say “I love you”. Speak from your heart. When you feel it, say it!

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Are You Ready To Tell Your Partner?

If you’re wondering whether or not you're ready, or feeling rushed or pressured to spill the three words — chances are, it’s not the right time.

Use your instinct as your ultimate guide.

Instinct: the way people or animals naturally react or behave, without having to think or learn about it.

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Following your instinct means:

Still Unsure Of Your Instinct?

Do you:

  • Think about them constantly when they’re not around?

  • Want to talk about them to your family and friends?

  • Feel respected and supported by them? 

If you answered yes, these are great instinctual signs that your love for this person is real. 

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Susie has been dating Beck for 3 months. She hasn’t met Beck's family. They spend everyday together and make each other very happy. Susie's instinct tells her she's in love. Should she tell Beck?

Is My Partner Ready To Say It Back To Me?

In a perfect world, they respond with "I love you too!"

But that’s not always the case, and that’s okay!

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Everyone’s emotional timeline is different. Your partner may feel extremely happy in your relationship, but they may not be comfortable enough to say “I love you” back.

Don't let this fear stop you from telling them how you feel. If your relationship is open and honest, they shouldn’t feel pressured or taken aback by your feelings.

Signs That Your Partner's Love Is Still Growing For You

Even if they didn't say "I love you" back:

  • They smile really big and say, “Thank you so much for opening up to me.”

  • Their body language is warm and excited, and they give you a hug and kiss

  • They make plans for the near future with you

  • They use other beautiful words to tell you how they feel

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Take Action

“I love you” is not always reciprocated at the same time. If your relationship is as serious to your partner as it is to you, they will get there at their own pace.

Sharing these words takes vulnerability, confidence, and trust.

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If you don’t feel ready to say I love you — but want to show your partner that you care for them deeply, consider:


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