Are you on a quest to reduce your meat consumption?

Are you looking to diversify the protein sources on your weekly menu?

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Sink your teeth into alternatives!

Meat substitutes and meat alternatives aren't just for vegans or vegetarians. Everyone can enjoy them!

Why Reduce Meat Consumption?

Highly industrialized meat production systems and overconsumption of meat negatively impacts our world. 

Flaticon Icon The environment suffers from high emissions of greenhouse gases, reduction of natural resources, and environmental pollution.

Flaticon Icon Health consequences like cardiovascular disease can result from consuming too much animal protein.

Flaticon Icon Animal welfare and animal rights are also concerns shared by many people  

By including meatless options in your menu, you can improve these negative effects!

Meat Substitutes Vs. Meat Alternatives

Meat substitutes and meat alternatives replace meat as the protein source in a meal.

Meat Substitutes

are processed proteins.

Vector images of soy based products - meat, tempeh, tofu skin, homemade tofu, soy protein, and tofu.

  • Some are made to look, feel and/or taste like meat, such as vegan sausage or vegan burger patties.

  • Soy-based (tofu, tempeh), wheat-based (seitan),and textured vegetable protein (veggie chunks) are substitutes that don't aim to look, feel and/or taste like meat.

Meat Alternatives

are non-meat animal or plant-based protein sources.

Images of of various sized bowls, each with a variety of a brightly coloured grains

  • Protein-rich grains, legumes, beans, peas, vegetables, and fruits.

  • Animal-based foods like fish, eggs, milk, and cheese.

How Can I Make the Change?

You don't need to quit meat "cold turkey."

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Reducing your meat consumption can be gradual, complete, or somewhere in between!

  • Try a meatless version of your favorite recipe.

  • Add a meatless day to your weekly menu. Check out Meat Free Mondays for some ideas.

  • Be curious and explore some meat substitutes!

Options to Prepare, Season, and Pair

With a dash of the right seasonings, the appropriate cooking method, and complementing flavors, you can introduce something new to your taste buds!

See what appeals to your palate.

Cartoon pig on the left pointing to bullet points on the right showing alternative for beef.

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Weekend BBQ

A fire pit with a frill over the flames Photo by Danny de Jong on Unsplash

Johnathan and Jada are planning a BBQ for the weekend.

They want an alternative to the traditional beef patty to fill their burger buns. Which of these could make a tasty burger?

Flaticon Icon Black bean burger patty

Flaticon Icon Vegan burger patty

Flaticon Icon BBQ pulled jackfruit

Flaticon Icon Grilled portobello mushroom


Which meat substitutes are good options for burgers? Select all that apply.

Take Action

Reducing meat consumption is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Find what works best for you!

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