Jane waving hi

Meet Jane. She's attending a club business meeting to decide on the end-of-year celebration.

The club uses a parliamentary procedure to conduct business, which ensures that:

  • one thing is discussed at a time

  • the minority has a say

  • the majority rules

She needs to know how to handle a motion in order to participate.

A motion is a formal proposal by a member, in a meeting, that the group take certain action.

Obtain The Floor

Jane raising her hand to be recognized

When no one else is speaking, stand and address the presiding officer (known as the chair), then wait to be recognized.

Jane: Madam/Mr. Chair.

Chair: The chair recognizes Jane.

Jane now has the floor and can state their motion.

Make Motion

Jane on a box speaking

State your motion clearly and concisely, without any explanation.

Jane: I move that we spend up to $500 on a pirate themed celebration.

Sit down and wait to be recognized again during discussion to explain your proposal.

Second The Motion

Someone else in the group must now second the motion to signal they wish the group to consider the proposal.

Ruby: Second!

This ensures that the group doesn't waste time discussing something that only one person cares about.



The chair states the motion, so everyone is clear on what the group is discussing, and then discussion begins.

Chair: It's been moved and seconded that we spend up to $500 on a pirate themed celebration. Is there any discussion?

As the maker of the motion, Jane gets to speak first to explain her proposal.

Anyone else who wants to speak must first be recognized by the chair.

Let's Discuss


Yes or No?

When discussion ends, the chair restates the motion, then calls for a vote.

Chair: Seeing no further discussion, the question is on the motion that we spend up to $500 on a pirate themed celebration.

All those in favor, say aye. (Count the number in favor)

All those opposed, say no. (Count the number opposed)

State Results

The chair now states the results of the vote and the action the group will take.

Flaticon Icon If the motion passes:

Chair: The ayes have it and the motion is adopted. We will spend up to $500 on a pirate themed celebration.

Flaticon Icon If the motion fails:

Chair: The nos have it and the motion fails. We will not spend up to $500 on a pirate themed celebration.

What happens next?

Chair: Is there any further new business?

Repeat: obtain the floor, make motion, second, discussion, vote, state results.


What does Ruby seconding the motion mean?

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