It is nearly 12 am. You're browsing online. You still haven't found the perfect gift for your dad's birthday.

You think, "It's never easy to buy a gift for a parent that has everything!"

With the right plan, you can find the right gift!

Gift Giving: No Easy Task

It's easy to get caught up in self-doubt. This is normal. You ask yourself:

  • "Will Mom love this journal planner?"

  • "Dad doesn't own his garden tools does he?"

  • "This gift is pricey. I can't afford it. May as well not buy anything!"

A woman tapping her chin, looking in doubt

Move past your doubts!

Gift-giving should be fun! When doubts set in, reframe your thinking and make a plan.

Give Gifts Like A Pro

Try this:

  • Set a reasonable budget. Remember a gift doesn't need to be expensive to be special!

  • List your parent's interests.

  • Jot down items or experiences your parent might enjoy based on their interests.

  • Get unique! Make a hand-made gift.

  • Go in on it with someone — invite siblings and other family members to pitch in.

Most importantly, imagine the moment you surprise your parent!


Adriana is a college student on a budget. She's overwhelmed. She really wants to buy a gift to help her Mom relax and unwind. What should she do?

Gift An Item Or Experience

Imagine your dad loves to cook. Begin with a budget and jot down a few gift ideas.

cook cooking GIF by Disney Pixar

You can gift an item:

  • Flaticon Icon A personalized apron that says "World's Best Chef & Dad"

  • A colorful, personalized book of family recipes

  • A hand-carved, wooden cutting board inscribed with your dad's initials

Flaticon Icon

You can gift an experience:

  • A meal at a trendy restaurant with family and friends

  • A gift card to an online cooking class

  • Cooking a new recipe with your dad once a month

Remember that your parent will appreciate the effort you put in!

Take Action

Be a gift giving pro!

Try this out:


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