You're touching up your project presentation, and just need a little something to add that extra flare and really emphasize your presentation's message.

You find a YouTube video that emphasizes the same point you're trying to make in your presentation.

A GIF of Chris Pratt looking excited as the camera zooms in on his face wonder, how do I embed it into my presentation?

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Before wasting hours trying to figure it out, discover how to embed Youtube videos in 3 different presentation tools: Powerpoint, Google Slides, and Prezi.

What does "embedding" mean?

Embedding means integrating one piece of content into another. It makes it easier to show multimedia content (e.g. YouTube videos and pictures) without having to download or search for it separately.

By using embedding, your audience can remain engaged and focused on your presentation...

A GIF showing the embedding of a video play code to a webpage.

...and avoid them feeling like:

GIF of Stanley from the TV show The Office frowning with his arms crossed.


What is the benefit of embedding a YouTube video into a presentation instead of simply providing a link?

Embedding a YouTube Video in PowerPoint

  1. Click on "Insert," located in the menu bar.

Screenshot of Powerpoint Toolbar, with

After you click insert, you'll be given many options for what you'd like to embed in your presentation, for example, a table or pictures.

  1. On the right-hand side of the Insert options, you'll see the word and icon for "Video." Click the drop-down menu and select "Online Movie."

Screenshot of Powerpoint Toolbar with

  1. Copy and paste the YouTube video link you want to use into the search bar. Click on the "Insert" button.

A screenshot of a YouTube link inserted into a PowerPoint.

  1. You should now see the thumbnail for the video you chose. You can resize and play your video in presentation mode.

A screenshot of a Rumie Learn video thumbnail inserted into a blank PowerPoint.

Embedding a YouTube Video in Google Slides

  1. Click on "Insert" and select "Video" from the menu bar. A screenshot of Google Slides toolbar with

  2. In Google Slides, the default source to search for videos is YouTube. Copy and paste the video link, press enter on your keyboard, and then click the "Insert" button to embed the video.

A Screenshot of a YouTube video link

  1. Move and resize the video to your liking.

Embedding a YouTube Video in Prezi

  1. In the top menu option, click "Insert" and select "Video" from the options presented.

Screenshot of Prezi options menu with

  1. Paste the YouTube video link in the search bar and press "Insert."

You may not be able to play the video until you view it in presentation mode, so don't worry if it's not responsive right away. 📝

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Now that you've learned how to embed videos into some commonly-used presentation software, it's time to practice.

Leave your audience feeling good about your presentation!

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