Are you having trouble sleeping?

Are you tired of bright lights keeping you awake?

South Park character im bed with eyes wide open and the light from the outside casting a shadow of the window across his face Wearing the sleep mask that's right for you could increase REM (deep) sleep and promote healthy sleep cycles.

If you're a night shift worker catching up on sleep during the day, have insomnia, or you're distracted by lights at night, sleep masks could help you out!

Is It Designed For Your Comfort?

Face shapes and mask designs are diverse. To optimise the benefits, your eye mask should properly fit the shape of your face.

Blue outline drawing of woman in bed lifting here eye mask and waving.

  • Flat and lightweight masks rest directly on the face and eyes and are less bulky.

  • Contoured masks have cups that fit around your eyes. 

  • Weighted masks use beads that can be cooled or warmed for deep pressure stimulation.

Will The Mask Stay On All Night?

Woman  wearing a pink sleep mask sleeping on her back, with her hands crossed above her head. .

Sleep masks have to withstand tossing and turning. Straps should make the mask snug on the face but avoid pressure on the eye. 

  • Adjustable straps help you get the right fit. 

  • Elastic straps stretch to fit around the head. Be sure it's not too tight or too loose.

  • Velcro closure and adjustable nose wire are other features that help to keep the mask in place.

What Is The Mask Made Of ?

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  • Cotton is inexpensive, cool, and breathable.

  • Satin is durable and lightweight but not stretchable. 

  • Polyester is also light and durable but less breathable than silk. 

  • Silk is more pricey but soft and delicate for the face and is moisture resistant. 

  • Foam, including memory foam, is good at maintaining its shape and keeps the mask away from eyelids and lashes.

How Much Light Does It Block Out?

Woman closing door and curtain while avoiding being exposed to the light from outside.

The material and design influence how much light stays out.  

  • Light-colored fabrics and openings around the nose or sides of the mask mean some light will come in.

  • Contoured masks for thicker fabrics block out more light. 


James is a busy professional who does business nationwide. He spends several hours on planes and trains on his way to his out-of-town meetings. He wants to use his travel time to catch up on his sleep. Which of these masks would be best for him?

Can You Clean The Mask Easily ?

A dirty mask is bad, especially for eye health. Be sure to check and follow the care instructions on your mask's specific brand and type.

Flaticon Icon Many masks are machine washable. Other high-end fabrics, like silk or foam, might require more detailed care. 

Try to wash your mask every few days or as often as recommended by the maker. Give your mask enough time to dry completely before using it.

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