College is an exciting time! For some, it can be the beginning of a journey, while for others it can be a means to an end.

Regardless of where you are in life, joining the right extracurricular activities can help you along the college adventure.  

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Why participate in extracurricular activities?

Extracurricular activities can have a positive impact on a student, such as:

  • Socializing joining extracurricular activities can help you meet other people.

  • Improving skills — depending on the extracurricular activity you joined, it may help you polish your skills.

  • Career advancement some of the people you meet could possibly become network contacts in the future. As well, for new college grads, an extracurricular can go on your resume!

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What are your interests?

What are things that you enjoy? What piques your interest? What can you see yourself doing that won't feel like a burden?

It is important to like and enjoy being a part of an extracurricular activity, as you will spend a lot of time participating in it. Joining something that you're interested in can make the overall experience more enjoyable.

For example, your interests may include sports, arts, theatre, etc.

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What is your major?

Extracurricular activities can be a great place to jumpstart your career. Therefore, your major can be important in determining an extracurricular activity.

For many first-year college students, your major still may be unknown — and that’s okay! First, try to determine the general field of your studies. For example, many students begin studying business before narrowing their major in finance, economics, accounting, etc.

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Harry doesn't have a major yet, but he's taking mostly science courses. He thinks he might want to work in a lab someday. Which clubs would be best for him to explore? Select all that apply:

How to choose

If your interests overlap with your major, choose the extracurricular that lines up with both. For example, students whose interests are photography while also majoring in visual design would greatly benefit from joining the photography club.

If your major and interests are different, then try something new! Remember, not everything has to revolve around your career goals.

Not all clubs are academically focused, and you can choose something that resonates with you. For example, are you a mature student? Consider joining the Mature Student's Association!

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Harry is enjoying his new science clubs but he wants to branch out and do more. How should he choose his next club? Select all that apply:

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