No, it's not weird that you may want to become a funeral director!

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What Does A Funeral Director Do?

Funeral directors can be called morticians and undertakers. 

They coordinate all of the details of the burial service such as date, location and type of service for the deceased. This includes: 

  • Assisting, comforting and providing guidance for the family

  • Preparing the body for burial

  • Filing death certificate(s)

  • Placing newspaper ad

  • Arranging clergy and pallbearers

  • Keeping expense records, sending invoices and employment records

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As a funeral director you will need to:

  • be caring and compassionate

  • understand grief

  • work with different faiths, customs and cultures

How Long Do You Need To Go To School?

  • Complete either a bachelor's or associate's degree in funeral services or mortuary science

  • Train for 1 to 3 years in an internship during or after college


What types of courses do you think would help?

But Will It Pay The Bills?

Canada: Salaries range from $36K - $65K (CAD)

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USA: Salaries range from $33K - $72K (USD)

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Other Careers In The Funeral Service Industry

There are so many other ways that you can enter the funeral service industry.

Do you enjoy doing make up? Become a mortician make up artist.

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Are you good at selling? Become a funeral home marketer.

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Do you enjoy styling hair? Become a funeral cosmetologist.

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Are you good at managing? Become a funeral service manager.

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Considering a career as a funeral director?

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