A group of pirates singing,

Scurvy! Isn't that a pirate's disease?

Yes, but it can happen to you, too!

Scurvy is a severe lack of vitamin C caused by not eating enough fruits and vegetables. It can lead to serious consequences for your health.

Flaticon Icon Because pirates didn't have access to enough fruits and vegetables, they were plagued by scurvy.

Flaticon Icon If you get busy, opting for fast food or avoiding fruits and vegetables can increase your risk of scurvy.


A doctor telling a patient never to Google their symptoms.

Consult a doctor if you experience any of these symptoms*:

  • bruising

  • bleeding gums

  • weakness

  • fatigue

  • rash

*Symptoms may not occur for a few months after your vitamin C drops too low.


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If a doctor diagnoses you with scurvy, treatment* may involve:

  • Taking vitamin C supplements

  • Eating fruits and vegetables

    • lemons

    • limes

    • oranges

    • grapefruit

    • potatoes

    • broccoli

    • sweet peppers

    • strawberries

*Including these treatments in your regular diet can help prevent scurvy, too!


Jack only has 15 minutes before his next class to grab a quick bite. Which of these would best help him avoid getting scurvy? (select all that apply)

Take Action

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Take these steps to prevent scurvy, even when you're busy:


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