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Nobody wants to feel confused or left out in a virtual meeting!

A well-organized virtual meeting allows people to collaborate and share information in real-time without the need of being in the same physical location.

Effective communication in the virtual world can be difficult, but if you do it correctly, it can be just like being together in person.

Create An Agenda

  • Have a plan for walking through an agenda step by step

  • Outline how much time each agenda item will take

  • Assign owners to each item

  • Leave time at the end of each agenda point for unforeseen issues and questions

  • Share your screen at beginning of the meeting to provide an overview of the agenda and key points

A person looking at a meeting agenda. He turns into a skeleton when he sees that he's only needed on the last item.


True or false: every person in a meeting needs have an agenda point assigned to them.

Use Collaboration Tools

Use the following tools in your video chat to engage your audience:

  • Breakout rooms for small group discussions

  • Whiteboarding to brainstorm new ideas

  • Polls to get people's opinions or vote on group decisions

  • Screen sharing when you need to show people important documents or pages

  • "Raise hand" button for people to ask questions

Drake Hotline Bling


What's the value add for using collaboration tools in virtual meetings?

Turn Your Camera On!

  • Make sure your camera is working

  • Test your microphone for sound

  • Preview your background before joining the meeting

  • You don't need to look nice on your lower half

Take Action

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Get ready for your next virtual meeting!


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