You're in an interview for a job or internship and your interviewer asks: "Why did you choose your major?"

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Do you have an answer ready?

Answers To Avoid

Don't say you never thought about why you chose your particular major.

Or that you just ended up with it because you had enough credits in that subject area to graduate.

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Those are both fine reasons, but they're not the best way to impress your potential employer.

Prepare An Effective Answer

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Think about:

  • what led you to choose your major

  • any projects or courses thatapply to the job you are interviewing for

  • how what you learned or worked on relates to the job


Let's say you're interviewing for an entry level tech support role.

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Scenario #1

"I majored in information technology because I love computers."

Talk about your passion for computers and any projects that may have helped you understand why users are frustrated with technology.

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Scenario #2

"I majored in psychology because I wasn't sure what to study and it seemed like something I could apply to different careers."

Talk about any classes or concepts you found interesting that relate to human-computer interaction or de-escalating tactics.

Take Action

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Next time you're interviewing and get asked about why you chose your major, talk about:


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