You've aced all the interview questions and are feeling like you've got the job in the bag. Then, suddenly, the interviewer says, "Tell me one negative thing your last boss would say about you."

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Here's the good news: you can use this question to your advantage!

What Not To Say

Don't say, "My last boss wouldn't have anything negative to say about me."

The interviewer might think you're ...

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How To Answer

  1. Be honest about your shortcomings.

  2. Try to flip the negative into a positive by saying how you're working on it.

  3. Don't say anything negative about your boss or coworkers.

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Try It Out

Based on what you just learned, which of these scenarios would be the best response if you're asked, "What is one negative thing your last boss would say about you?"

Scenario 1 — "My boss loved how I did my job. I always did most of the work on my team...especially compared to my coworkers."

Scenario 2 — "When I first joined the company, I had a hard time speaking up during meetings. I was so nervous. So I talked to my mentor about this and they helped me practice until I was comfortable. Now it's no problem."

Scenario 3 — "My boss didn't like the way I was often late for appointments."


Which scenario is the best response?

Take Action

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If the interviewer asks you to tell them one negative thing your old boss would say about you, don't worry. Just remember to:


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