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It would be nice if all coworkers liked each other, but that's not always the case. However, it's important that you can work with each other.

"What kind of personality do you work best with and why?"

This interview question helps the interviewer know whether or not you can work with several different types of people.

Do's And Don'ts On How To Answer

Ultimately, the interviewer wants to know that you can work with individuals with many different personalities.

Yes: what kind of personality do you work best with

✔️ Tailor your answer. Think about the type of person who'd work well within that work environment.

✔️ Give explanations. Tell the interviewer why you'd work well with this type of person.

✔️ Provide specific examples. Explain how you've worked well with many different types of personalities.

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X Don't describe the personality types that you enjoy working with. Remember, this is about a colleague, not a friend.

X Don't be a lone wolf. Avoid stating that you prefer to work on your own.

X Avoid certain personality types. Try not to choose personality types that you probably wouldn't encounter in this work environment .

Example Answers

Provide examples of how you successfully worked with individuals with different personality types.

Example 1

what kind of personality do you work best with Charles: Teaching Assistant at a University

"As a teaching assistant, I have worked with both undergraduate and graduate students. Both groups included students that were struggling but eager to learn and others who were not enthusiastic about the material. I love teaching a full spectrum of students because it gives me the challenge to find what motivates them."

Example 2

what kind of personality do you work best with Jasmine: Cashier at a clothing store

"As a cashier, I encountered many different kinds of people, both customers who I helped and new cashiers who I trained. I thoroughly enjoyed working with my co-workers because as long as we all understood the goal and knew our positions, we worked well as a team to complete tasks. I love to work with those who can collaborate effectively."

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