Employers LOVE to ask, “What do you know about our company?” during an interview.

Are you prepared to answer this common interview question?

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Why Do They Ask This Question?

Employers want someone:

  • who’s being careful and selective in their job search

  • who will be motivated and work hard in their job

  • someone who has specific reasons for applying to that job

Employers don't want someone:

  • who's applying randomly to as many jobs as they can find online, as there’s a greater chance they won’t like their job and may leave, lose motivation, etc.

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Do Your Research

  • Determine what type of organization it is

  • Discover what the service or product is

  • Find out how small or large the company is

  • Determine why there is a need for the position you have applied for

  • Study the current challenges of the company and the hiring manager's needs

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What Do I Do After I Research?

  1. A man saying, Pick two or three specific facts about the organization that you can tell the interviewer from your research.

  2. Keep your answer short and concise.

Compliment The Organization

Try to compliment the company when answering what you know about them. You can do this by naming something they’re well-known or well-respected for.

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Don’t give a compliment that isn’t true. Use your research to select a compliment you can make truthfully.

Some Responses To Get You Started

Response #1

I really respect your company's commitment to constantly evolve, as growth and innovation are key in any industry. In 2020, you took a few risks as you entered different markets, all of which paid off. As an engineer, I strive to approach problems in new and creative ways, which is why I think I would be an asset to this team.

Response #2

I know that your company is one of the largest investment banks in Canada with 40,000 employees across the world. I’ve known about your company for a couple of years now because I’ve been working in the same industry. Your company is one of the names I think of in this industry, which is why I was excited to apply for this job when I saw it posted on your website.

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