"If you were hiring someone for this position, what traits would you look for?"

For another candidate, this might be a hard question, suddenly throwing you into the interviewer role.

But you? You've done your research and you know exactly who this company is looking for. You could hire someone for this job.

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Use Your Research

Figuring out what the employer is looking for is an important part of preparing for an interview. When you did that preparation, you found everything you need to answer this question.

  • Look carefully through the job description, highlighting skills and traits.

  • Look for characteristics of employees described on the employer's website or social media.

  • Focus on traits and skills that are most essential and best match your experience.

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Don't Be A Parrot

Use the job description to guide your answer, but avoid reciting it word for word. You want to show that you can think critically about what the employer needs.

Briefly explain why the traits you selected would be important to demonstrate your understanding.

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How To Answer

Scenario 1

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You're interviewing for a Program Manager position. In the job description, you notice a focus on communication.

"The growth of the program depends on the manager's ability to build relationships and establish consensus. I would look for a candidate with strong verbal and written communication skills."

Scenario 2

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You're applying for a Retail Sales Associate position. The job description mentions adaptability and multitasking.

"I know this is a busy store. I would look for someone who can get things done quickly and stay calm and positive when they have a lot to do."

Take Action

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Even if you don't get this question in the interview, knowing the answer will help you show you're the right person for the job!


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