Most of us need to use the Internet regularly.

How can we be sure that our Internet usage is healthy and improves our lives?

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Limit Your Internet Time

Many smartphones and web browsers have built-in app timers so you can check your usage and limit the amount of time you spend on apps or websites.

Figure out your daily usage on each app, then aim to cut that number in half each week until you are down to 30 minutes or less.

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Set aside time for offline activities — if you play online games with friends on Friday nights, reserve other nights for playing cards with your roommates.

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Build Hobbies And Relationships Online

The Internet has communities for any hobby you can think of, so you can use it to learn more about your hobbies, or discover a new one.

You can even make new friends and meet people who share your interests in these online hobby communities:

  • Discord servers

  • subreddits on Reddit

  • MeetUp groups

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Don't let browsing be your #1 hobby!

Browse With Purpose

Limit the amount of time you spend scrolling through a feed with no purpose.

Come up with goals for your Internet use. Do you want to connect with friends? Read the news? Find cool art?

Focus your Internet session on your goals instead of browsing mindlessly.


Which example is a mindful way of using the Internet?

Take Action

Make a plan for your Internet use for the next week.

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