Ever feel like a specific issue should be given more attention?

Luckily, the internet has made the spread of information so much more accessible. This is your chance to change the world for the better!

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First Things First!

Make sure you are well educated on your topic! With great power comes great responsibility.

It might seem like a lot of work, butresearch your topic thoroughly to avoid misinforming others!

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Find A Platform

There are so many social media platforms nowadays—TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit... which one should you choose for your cause?

If you want to share video content, TikTok, Youtube, or Instagram work best. Images and text work great on Twitter and Reddit.

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Above all, make sure you're comfortable using the platform!


Which platform is the BEST platform for activism?




None of these

Create Content

You’ll need to post content to your new activism page. How should you do it?

Use videos, screenshots, images, stories, memes, or whatever you think will engage your audience!

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Tip: Stand out with custom creations! There's a lot of different tools you can use, such as Canva or iMovie.

Beware, you shouldn’t always reupload everything you see on your feed! Using someone else's work without credit or permission might get you into trouble. 🚨

Build An Audience

Most importantly, you’ll need an audience for your social activism to be effective!

Flaticon IconTo get started:

  • ask your friends to share and follow your page

  • use hashtags

  • follow related pages

  • post on a consistent schedule

Tip: pay close attention to see what approach best engages your audience! Not every post is going to make it, so try and learn from your successes.

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What's the BEST way to maintain an engaged activist audience?

Post the same content frequently

Listen to feedback in the comments

Follow for follow

Use a lot of hashtags

Aim For The Stars 🌌

You have all the tools at your disposal to make an impact, but why not go even further? 

Bring together a team, start a fundraiser for your cause, or collaborate with similar activism pages—the possibilities are endless!

Make your voice heard!

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You want to make a social impact. Think about WHAT that social impact might be.

Then, if you have the time and passion to support a cause, start off with some of these tips and see how far your activism will go!

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This Byte helped me better understand the topic.

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