Remember when your social calendar was almost too full? Was that just last year? 

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If your memories of hanging with friends are starting to get fuzzy, read on for ways to keep friendships alive during this unique time—and any other time when you may be at a distance.

Make A Plan

Grab a notebook or open your Notes app and start jotting down ways to translate your go-to activities into socially distant ones.

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Get Outside

Do you usually go to the gym together?

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How about meeting up outside to walk, bike, or hike, while still remaining at least six feet apart?

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You could also try snowshoeing, ice skating, sledding, or cross-country skiing in winter.

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Start A Book Club

Everyone is staying in more these days, so it's a great time to catch up on reading.

Select a book you all want to read, then get together on Zoom once a month to discuss your thoughts and reactions.

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Tired Of Texting?

Texting with friends is ok, but have you thought of actually using your cell phone to talk with someone? As in, make a phone call?

Hearing your friend's voice can be a lot more personal and comforting than reading their texts.

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Even though you're apart, there's something about a phone call that brings people closer together.

New Language, Anyone?

It's likely that some people in your friend group speak a second language and would love to teach it to others! Consider organizing weekly, online group lessons.

You can thank me later — in a new language. 😉

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Your newfound language skills will come in handy when you plan some future world travels together.

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Flex Your Favorites

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Brainstorm some more swaps. You'll be surprised at all of the ideas you can come up with!

Scenario: Friends Apart

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Jon and his buddies love gaming and movies. Right now, they can't get together in person.


What could they do to stay in touch?

Take Action

Being physically distant doesn't mean your friendships have to suffer!

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