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A survey of more than 10,000 people aged 18 to 25 years old in 22 countries found that climate change and pollution are the most important issues facing the world, according to Generation Z.

Science-based public policy is the most important lever to solve the climate crisis. Did you know that you have the power to influence public policy?

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It all starts with the companies you work for and buy your products from.

Companies have a major stake in solving the climate crisis.

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Climate change is bad for everyone and it’s bad for business. Over 40% of the largest 500 corporations in the world could cumulatively lose over a trillion dollars due to the devastation caused by global warming. And 97% of business leaders say their company has been negatively impacted by climate change.

Because climate is such a big problem, it requires big solutions.

The good news is we already have the tools to transform our economy, like electric vehicles, net-zero buildings, and a clean electric grid. The challenge is we need sweeping public policy to make those solutions a reality, at all levels of government, across the globe.

A comic of the US capitol building. The text reads: This is the historic moment to address the climate crisis at scale.

Business leaders influence government officials through lobbying.

Flaticon Icon Lobbying means communicating with lawmakers to support or oppose specific policies or legislation. Often this is direct contact with elected officials through meetings or campaign contributions. But it can also include advertising, public relations campaigns, sponsoring research, or participation in policy advisory committees.

Companies already lobby — a lot!

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Their favorite topics to lobby for are to lower taxes and reduce regulation, which is why some people think less lobbying might be good for society. But the reality is that lobbying is a process for everyone — citizens, nonprofit groups, and companies — to communicate about important issues with government officials.

Many people would argue that climate is one of the most important and urgent issues of our time.

This is why we need companies to step up their leadership. Too often, they are narrowly focused on sustainability efforts like using recycled materials or buying renewable energy. Those actions may be positive, but they are not going to solve the climate crisis.

A protestor at a climate march holding a sign that says, Photo by Li-An Lim on Unsplash


How do you define lobbying?

Take Action

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Companies care about the opinions of their employees, their consumers, and their investors.

You fall into at least one, if not more, of those categories. So raise your voice and ask companies to lobby for climate action! 


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