awkward toy story GIF Woody is starting a new business. After drawing up the plans, he's not sure how he'll get the funding.

Not to worry, Woody: Buzz will show you the way!

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Be Your Own Hero

If possible, investing in your own business (i.e. putting your savings toward the business) is a great way to:

  • avoid debt and paying interest

  • spend money without conditions

  • preserve your independence as a business-owner

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Ask Friends And Family To Invest


  • Low-pressure pitch - practice for future high-stakes investment pitches

  • No debt payments/interest - your investors get a portion of your business

  • Added incentive to succeed - time to live up to the expectations!


  • If the business doesn't succeed relationships could become strained

  • Lower independence when considering opinions of your investors

  • Holding back when asking for what you want

It's a great option but be sure to think it through!

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Ask The Government

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Your national, provincial, regional, or municipal government might offer assistance, such as grants, subsidies, investments, and expert advice! Investigate what is available in your location.

Incubate Or Accelerate Your Business

Business incubators and accelerators are programs that help businesses get established and grow through cash-based and resource-based assistance.

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Business incubators

Connect new companies with resources such as:

  • Investors

  • Mentorship

  • Office space

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Business accelerators

Similar to incubators, but for companies that are more developed but still need some support to become fully self-sufficient.

Ask Investors With Deep Pockets

Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists invest funding in companies they believe will succeed in exchange for equity (percentage of the business) or royalties (percentage of the sales).

Think Dragon's Den or Shark Tank!

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Angel Investors

  • Use their own money

  • Invest in businesses at various stages of development

  • Often provide mentorship and act as a business partner

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Venture Capitalists

  • Use pooled/company money

  • Invest in established businesses

  • Usually not interested in mentorship

Ask The Bank

To get a loan from the bank your business will be subject to an analysis of the "5 Cs":

  • Character - your credit history

  • Capacity - your debt-to-income ratio

  • Capital - the money you already have

  • Collateral - assets to back the loan as security

  • Conditions - details like the purpose, amount, and interest rates for the loan

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Woody has 75% of the money he needs to start his first business and his friends have invested to provide the remaining 25%. He needs some mentorship to finish up his business plan and a space to hold meetings. Which option would you recommend to Woody?

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