"We are a coffee roasting and serving company called Coffee Bean Co.

We were founded in 1981 in Toronto and have 5 locations throughout the city."

This description desperately needs a caffeine boost!

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Your company description is the first step to building a relationship with your customers. A good description tells a story:

  • where you came from

  • who you are

  • what you stand for

  • where you're going

  • how your customers can participate

Where You Came From

Start with the "a-ha moment" that led to founding the business.

Help your customers relate to you and understand the unique perspective you are bringing to the table.

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College roommates Jordan and Vanessa were tired of drinking overpriced coffee from unknown origins, and believed there was a better way.

While studying for finals in their dorm one evening they decided to use their business knowledge and need for caffeine to make their dream a reality.

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Who You Are

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You'll want to include the basics, no matter how creative your description gets.

A simple structure to get you started is:

We’re “Company Name”: “What your business does” in “Location” since “Date”.

We’re the Coffee Bean Co.: roasting and serving organic coffee in Toronto since 1981.

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What You Stand For

Express your beliefs and connect on a personal level. Help prospective customers better identify with your business.

Are you interested in:

  • fair trade

  • social justice

  • community improvement

  • climate change

  • knowledge sharing?

Shout it from the rooftops!

We believe in only sourcing ethically farmed beans, roasting them in house, and serving fresh coffee to our customers at a fair price.

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Jixuan is writing a description of his new software development company, JX Software. Which would be the best opening line?

Where You're Going

X, X Everywhere

Give your customers a vision of where you want to go next.

Round out your story into a complete picture and share your aspirations to be bigger and better. How can your customers expect to see you growing in the next few months or years?

This year we are looking forward to opening 2 more locations and launching a line of organic and locally sourced baked goods.

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How They Can Participate

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Provide a simple call to action: something your potential customers can do once they've read your story.

After all, you're not just sharing a story, you're inspiring people to form a relationship with you.

For example, offer a free service if they fill out a simple form, ask them to call you, or invite them to visit you.

We'd like to personally invite you to stop by and try one of our fresh coffees for yourself: your satisfaction is our guarantee, or your coffee is free!

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Give Charlie a hand: which call to action would be appropriate for their furniture store?

Take Action

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You already have a great story to tell: put it to work in your company description!

Just put the building blocks together and you're on your way:


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