You've worked hard to build your Personal Brand.

Now it's up to you to make sure your Personal Brand keeps growing by continuously learning.

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Continuous learning helps your Personal Brand:

  • stay relevant in your industry

  • adapt to ongoing changes

Make Connections That Count

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  • Follow industry leaders on social media and learn about their idols.

  • Keep an eye out for mentorship programs you could be part of.

  • Set up Google Alerts on relevant industry terms and influencers.

Lean On Your Peers

Stay in touch with former colleagues.

Talk to them about what they're working on. Ask them for their opinion on your work.

Ask current colleagues to review your work and ask for their honest feedback on it.

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Social Media And Your Brand

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Use Social Media to showcase your ongoing learning and growth.

Post to share tips you've learned that might be helpful to your audience.

Make sure to include where you learned this lesson from. Highlighting others in your field builds your credibility and network.


My social media account is private so my presence and activity doesn't impact my personal brand.




As long as you are open to learning, your personal brand will continue to grow.

Identify one person from your network you can reach out to to get feedback on your work. Email them or call them by the end of this week.


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This Byte helped me better understand the topic.

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