Did you know 45% of job applicants don't include a cover letter with their application?

Although you may want to apply as quickly as possible, this could jeopardize your opportunity to get an interview.

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Before you hit "submit", you can make your letter faster and better with the help of ChatGPT.

Ready to get hired? Get to writing!

ChatGPT Cover Letter Tip #1: Generate Ideas

The primary purpose of a cover letter is to show your interest, qualifications, and suitability for a job.

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You can start by providing ChatGPT with details about:

  • Your background

  • Your skills and qualifications

  • Your desired job title

  • A job description or job requirements

Then, ask ChatGPT to generate:

  • Key skills to highlight in the letter

  • Your strengths and weaknesses as a candidate based on the role description

  • Examples of how to structure a letter

Example 1: Identify transferrable skills

Let's ask ChatGPT to identify transferrable skills for a middle school teacher applying for a project management position.

A ChatGPT prompt provides a former teacher with a list of transferable skills .

To hear an audio version of the text in the image above, click the play button on the audio player below.

Example 2: Discover strengths and weaknesses

Now let's find out if ChatGPT can suggest potential strengths and weaknesses a recruiter may see in the former middle school teacher's application.

A ChatGPT prompt suggests a candidate's strengths and weaknesses.

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ChatGPT Cover Letter Tip #2: Improve Language and Clarity

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ChatGPT can help with wordsmithing.

You can ask the chatbot to:

  • Reword sentences

  • Rewrite the letter in a different tone or to be more concise

  • Review your grammar, punctuation, and spelling for errors

  • Point out inconsistent or awkward wording


What prompts could help you write a stronger, more compelling cover letter with ChatGPT's help? Select all options that apply:

ChatGPT Cover Letter Tip #3: Generate Relevant Content

Your cover letter should complement your resumé, not summarize it.

Example 3: Explain why you're a great candidate

Let's ask ChatGPT to relate a former teacher's qualifications to Google's mission statement to demonstrate why they would be a great candidate.

A ChatGPT relates a candidate's qualifications to a company's mission.

To hear an audio version of the text in the image above, click the play button on the audio player below.

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Start by providing ChatGPT:

  • The job description

  • Key job requirements

  • The company's mission and vision

  • Your elevator pitch or your résumé

Then, ask ChatGPT to generate:

  • Paragraphs that align your skills and experience with the position

  • Your relevant strengths

  • Suggestions on how to relate your qualifications to the company's mission

Example 4: Generate a first draft

Still not convinced? Below is a ChatGPT-generated cover letter for a project management position at Google that references the company's mission and the former teacher's qualifications (as seen throughout this Byte).

Starting with a draft like this could save you hours!

Flaticon Icon A ChatGPT generated cover letter for a former teacher's application to Google for a Project Management role. To hear an audio version of the text in the image above, click the play button on the audio player below.

Above you have the bones for your cover letter. Now it's time to add:

  • specific experiences and skills highlighted on your resume, focusing on how you'll use them at this job.

  • key words from the job description.

Flaticon Icon Always review your writing to ensure your cover letter reflects your voice, experience, and qualifications.

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Which of the following is a recommended practice for a cover letter? Select all that apply:

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