Did you know that 90% of the world's data was created over the last 2 years?

Exponential growth of lego That's some serious exponential growth.

It's hard to cut through the noise of information overload. But don't worry, we've got you covered!

Now you can embed a Rumie search bar on your site so you can connect your learners to trusted, useful, and accessible microlearning.

What Will It Look Like?

Here's your sneak peak:

Rumie search bar retrieves bytes based on search term

But trust us, it'll look even better on your site when your community is able to easily find the resources they need to succeed.

How Do I Set It Up?

Copy and paste this code to embed a fancy search bar on your site.

<script async defer src='https://bcjs.rumie.org/rumie.js'></script> <rumie-search placeholder="Type to find free & open short courses, ex. growth mindset" color="#f9f9f9" width="100%" language="English"></rumie-search>

Stephen Colbert shrugging and saying

That's it! Seriously.

Can I Customize It?

Not yet. But, if you're interested, we can hook you up with a customized Rumie homepage with your organization's branding or with a Byte carousel that features the Bytes your learners will love.

Rumie Byte Carousel

Interested? Let us know in Discord.

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