Given that the majority of things we do are online - from banking, to connecting with friends, to ordering food - it's important to make sure your information is safe. Choosing strong passwords is key.

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Creating The Password

The best passwords use a combination of symbols, numbers and letters. Use the following guideline to create a strong password.

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Why is Alex123 not a strong password for Alex?

It is a strong password!

It uses their name and simple numbers

The numbers are at the end

It doesn't contain a symbol

Remembering Your Passwords

It's one thing to create a strong password for each of your online accounts. The second step is to make sure you remember all your passwords!

There are a few options:

  1. Write them down on a piece of paper kept safely.

  2. Download a password safe-guarding application.

  3. Disguise them (e.g., find somewhere on your phone to store them without explicitly labelling them as passwords).

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Choose what works best for you, but remember a strong password is not helpful if you don't remember it!


Think about the passwords you use already.

Are they all similar? Are they easy to guess? Is your banking password stronger than your Instagram password?

Once you've completed this analysis - choose how you would like to remember your passwords!

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Take this opportunity to improve your passwords and safeguard your information!


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