Picture this: You are starting a new job. You are so excited! But by the end of your first week, the excitement has faded and instead you feel:

  • Confused. Where do I go? What do I do?

  • Lonely. I don't know anyone and no one talked to me.

  • Bored. I just sat around waiting for something to do.

Oh no! Maybe taking this job was a bad idea?

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Being the new person at work is hard! But with a few easy steps, you can make new employees feel welcome and valued, which will make your overall work culture better. Statistics show that "nearly one-third of all new hires quit their jobs within the first six months. " Having a plan to welcome new employees can help prevent costly turnover.

Be Prepared

Their workspace

Prepare the new employee's workspace so it's ready for their first day. This will let the employee know you thought about them and are glad they are here.

If they have a desk or office:

Photo by Nathan Riley on Unsplash Photo by Nathan Riley on Unsplash
  • Have their computer, mouse, phone and other technology set up and ready for them.

  • Provide some basic office supplies, like pens, notebook, stapler, etc.

If they don't:

Photo by Blake Wisz on Unsplash Photo by Blake Wisz on Unsplash
  • Designate a location for them to put their coat, lunch, water bottle, etc.

  • Do they have a locker or cubby? Make sure it's ready for them.

For everyone:

Show them where they can find useful items, such as:

  • Water, coffee, or other refreshments

  • Photocopier

  • Supply closet

Have a process in place to get them necessary items as soon as possible, such as:

  • ID badge

  • Parking pass

  • Keys

Take a tour

Show them their work area, including bathrooms, cafeteria, parking, etc.

Explain how the workplace works

New employees will have a lot of questions that might seem obvious to you, but it helps to point out some basic information, such as:

  • What time does the work day start and end?

  • What should they do first thing in the morning?

  • Any additional information they would want to know to fit in. Do you have casual Friday? Does everyone take a coffee break at 10am?

All of this information can help new employees feel included and comfortable.

Introduce Them To The Team

Find a time to take the new employee around and introduce them to their coworkers.

Schedule a team activity in their first few days. This could be eating lunch together or having a group meeting. This helps new employees to feel like part of the team and get to know everyone.

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

Help them Succeed

Assign a few people to help the new employee with any questions. Starting a new job can be overwhelming, so its nice to have some friendly faces nearby to help.


Who is a good person to introduce to new employees?

Create A Schedule

Build a plan for the first few months so that the new employee understands what's expected of them. It usually takes some time before a new employee is able to do all parts of their job. Having a schedule in place will help you keep track of their progress and helps the employee set their own goals accordingly.

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Structure is key

Provide a structured schedule to help the new employee understand how they are expected to work, and agree on clear goals for them to work towards.

Give them some tasks they can do on their own, in addition to organized training activities. This gives new employees some time to settle in.

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A new employee training schedule should include:

Take Action

Do you have any new employees starting soon? Or any that recently started?

  • How's their workspace? Do they have all the supplies they need?

  • Have you invited them to any team activities?

  • Do they have work to do that fits their job description?

Flaticon Icon Remember, making employees feel welcome doesn't end here. Make sure you check in regularly to see how they are progressing.


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