Studying on your own can be difficult and tedious.

But it's not always possible to find a study buddy.

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Stay focused, alert, and on top of your schoolwork by using online study tools!

How Online Tools Can Help

Online study tools:

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Expose you to different strategies

  • Your teacher might explain things one way, but an online tool might show you another approach.

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Provide flexibility

  • You can study at times and in places that are convenient for you.

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Support self-paced learning

  • They allow you to move as quickly or as slowly as you want.


Cater to your learning preferences

  • Whether you prefer to watch videos, listen to audio, or review notes, there's likely an app or tool for you!

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Save you money

  • Instead of paying a tutor, you can access help for free!

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Create an engaging learning experience

  • Gamelike features can help make your study time interactive and fun.

1. Flashcards

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Flashcards are a classic study tool!

Go digital using the following sites:

  • Quizlet— Create flashcards to study vocabulary terms. There's even a TOEFL path if you need to take the exam!

  • Anki— This free open-source site allows you to embed video & audio.

  • StudyStack— Use pre-made flashcards or make your own. You can even turn them into games!

Many flashcard apps allow you to sync your cards across all of your devices. Take advantage of this feature and study your cards on the bus or while waiting in line.

2. Video Tutorials

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Watch and listen to a different perspective or reinforce a topic you need help with.

Use video tutorials from:

  • Kahn Academy— This site includes videos and practice tests on a variety of topics for elementary through high school students. Also includes resources for standardized tests such as the SAT and Praxis.

  • TedEd— Access a collection of videos organized by subject and grade level.

It's usually helpful to take notes while watching videos. You can take notes on your computer or phone, or you can check out this Byte that explains why taking handwritten notes may benefit you!

3. Note Keepers

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Want to keep all of your notes organized so they're easy to review?

Check out:

  • Evernote— Organize all of your notes and information in a digital format and sync everything across your devices.

  • Notability— Gives you the ability to upload PDFs and make notes on them, record lectures, and draw diagrams are just some of the features of this tool.

  • Joplin— This open-source tool allows you to store audio, video, images, and PDFs.

Be sure to organize your digital notes into folders so you can locate them easily. If you want to take it to the next level, use a tagging system for easy access.

4. Language Practice

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When it comes to learning a new language, practice is key!

Get ahead with:

  • Duolingo— This fun, app-based tool helps you practice vocabulary.

  • HelloTalk— Connect with native speakers from around the world to chat in real-time via text, voice, or video.

  •— This site adapts to your current vocab level and provides personalized practice activities.

Some language study apps allow you to sign up for daily texts or emails. Each morning, make note of the "word of the day" and then try to use it in conversation at least once that day!

Who could benefit from a digital study tool?

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Second year college student living on-campus who wants to study abroad in Spain next year. He took one year of Spanish in high school, but needs to improve.

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A middle schooler who needs extra help with algebra. He doesn't understand his teacher's explanations and needs to find someone who can explain the concepts in a different way.

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Just graduated from high school and got a job as a greenhouse manager. She intends to read a lot about botany and plant care this summer to prepare for her new job.

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Kim Soo

A college grad currently working for the Peace Corps installing water collection systems in remote villages in Africa. She wants to attend grad school in the US next year, but needs to study for the TOEFL exam first.


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