Why is RESILIENCE such a critical skill for success?

Resilience allows you to bounce back from obstacles and continue to grow and thrive during times of CHALLENGE.

Who should develop RESILIENCE?

Everyone needs to practice resilience in their personal or professional lives, many times both. Because we constantly experience change, we are always adjusting and adapting.

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Why should you channel EMPATHY to improve your RESILIENCE?

Empathy means understanding how someone else is feeling. It's about considering their perspective, and what it's like to be them.

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Empathy improves our ability to:

  • Communicate

  • Resolve differences

  • Manage difficult situations successfully

  • Influence others

  • See setbacks objectively (i.e. not take things so personally)

Improving on all of these critical skills will lower levels of stress you experience and increase your resilience because you'll get less frustrated with others.

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Which of these statements uses EMPATHY to build RESILIENCE?

What is PURPOSE and how does it relate to RESILIENCE?

Flaticon Icon Purpose is a clear focus on the destination and end-goal of the change. It creates meaning, offers a sense of direction and helps guide our paths, behaviour and goals.

Purpose helps us to...

  • Focus on a goal and give us meaning

  • Improve our positivist and outlook on life

  • Reduce stress by building a sense of control

  • Give us a sense of being able to control and increases self-awareness

Improving on all of these critical skills will strengthen your sense of purpose and increase your resilience.

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Which of these statements uses PURPOSE to build RESILIENCE?

Take Action

Now that you have had this opportunity to learn more about resilience and resilient behaviours, it's time to try it yourself!

Pick one challenge that you're facing: at work, at home, or in a relationship.

Summarize the challenge in one statement.

  • Could empathy (understanding how the other person is feeling) help you overcome this challenge?

  • Could purpose (focusing on the outcome) help you overcome this challenge?

    If either of these approaches might help, pick one thing you can say or do right now to use empathy or purpose to build resilience.

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