What is Optimism?

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Optimism is an attitude of hope, especially in a challenging situation. It's your ability to see and accept a challenge while working towards a good outcome.

Being optimistic helps you:

  • See setbacks as temporary

  • Increase performance at work or home

  • Reduce stress

  • Build confidence

  • Protect against and manage mental illness

  • Stay positive

"Science shows that those with an optimistic outlook have better cardiovascular health and a stronger immune system, earn a higher income and have more successful relationships."

How does it help?

Optimism is contagious and affects everyone around you.

When one person is feeling light and happy, people want to know how you do it.

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What's in it for me you may ask?

Optimism is like a seed, the more you water it, the more it grows.

That growth can transfer over to everyone around you and help you become an even stronger individual.

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Become More Optimistic

You can become more optimistic through a few simple strategies:

  1. Take it one day at a time. Focus on what's happening now.

  2. Take time for yourself everyday. Even if it's just a few minutes.

  3. Focus on activities you enjoy. And make time for them, even when things get busy.

  4. Take time to reflect on new information and look for the positives. Actively looking for what's good in a situation helps train your brain into the habit.

  5. Practice gratitude. For the people, opportunities, and experiences in your life.


Suzie is having a long stressful day at work and is feeling overwhelmed with the idea of going home to cook supper and deal with a list of chores. Suzie takes 10 minutes to focus on her breathing and recharge. Which skill is she practicing?

Take Action

A simple way to boost optimism is to practice gratitude. Take 5 minutes right now to write down a list of things you're grateful for. You'll get an instant mood boost and be on your way to being more optimistic!

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