Think of the last time you had a major decision to make such as where to move, whether to stay in a relationship, or what to study.

It's hard to make a choice knowing that what you do in the world has consequences!

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Assess the potential impact of your actions to help you make better decisions.

What Could Happen Short Term?

Write down what you think will happen directly after taking a potential course of action.

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Gene wants to get some regular exercise and they're thinking of taking up running. What are some possible short term outcomes?

What Will Happen Long Term?

Write down what you think will happen one month, one year, and even decades after the action.

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In Gene's case, running regularly could mean:

  • Long lasting health benefits

  • Mental health benefits

  • Meeting a life-long friend along the way

  • Being a positive example for others

Who Will Be Affected?

Your actions can influence anyone in your life — family, friends, significant others, coworkers, or total strangers.

Write down who you think your action will affect. Will the effects be positive or negative?

Ask someone you trust how they think your action could play out. A second opinion can help you see if you missed something because of inherent bias or a lack of knowledge.

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Connect The Dots

Create a mind map to help you see how each outcome is connected to everyone it will affect.

You might even discover new outcomes of your action.

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Assess The Pros And Cons

It's time to evaluate!

Create a list of the pros and cons of taking the action.

This will help you take all that you’ve considered into account and make the right decision.  

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Take Action

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Feel confident in your decision now that you've assessed the outcomes!

Remember to ask yourself:


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