Imagine you're in the vibrant world of Minecraft, about to embark on an adventure across its vast landscapes.

You've got your tools ready, your curiosity piqued, and a desire to explore.

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But there's one thing you're missing: a compass to guide you.

You remember hearing about a way to craft it, but the details are fuzzy.

Will you wander aimlessly, or craft a compass and explore with direction and confidence?

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Step 1: Gather the Required Materials

To make a Minecraft compass, here's what you'll need:

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  1. Redstone dust: grab it from redstone ore or wheel and deal with villagers.

  2. Iron ingots: smelt some iron ore for these shiny beauties.

  3. Glass pieces: turn sand into glass with some furnace magic.

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Easy, right? Now for step 2!

Step 2: Crafting the Compass

Let's get to building!

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  1. Crafting table time: open your table up and get ready.

  2. Iron ingots arrangement: lay them out in a square.

A minecraft compas set-up with 4 iron ingots surrounding redstone dust.

  1. Redstone dust touch: fill up those gaps.

  2. Grab your compass: drag it into your inventory.

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And you are done already!

Step 3: Use the Compass

How can you use your new compass?

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  • Find your spawn point anytime! Your compass will always point to it.

  • Use a lodestone to set a custom target. With this, you can find your way to anything!

A compass with its hands spinning.

You're now using your first Minecraft compass to explore with confidence.


Nirusham is playing Minecraft and wants to create a compass to navigate the world. He has iron ingots but is unsure what else he needs and how to craft it. What should he do next?

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Let your new compass guide you to uncover the mysteries of Minecraft.

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The more you explore your new tool, the better you'll get!

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