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While some of us seem to adjust to change easily, others find change challenging. It all comes down to resilience.

Resilience is the key to staying engaged through change.

It's up to each person to own their reaction to change.

What is Resilience?

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  • A skill that helps you adapt quickly from change.

  • Being open to the idea of change.

  • The ability to navigate through change.

  • Being prepared to adapt when the next change comes along.


What is resilience?


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  • Being able to handle unexpected changes while remaining positive.

  • A willingness to face reality and take it on.

  • Staying hopeful.

I don't know what my next challenge will be, but I know that I'll find overcome it!

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  • Focusing on the destination and end-goal of the change.

  • Identifying your role in making the change happen and supporting others to adjust.

  • Review and find the benefits of past challenges.

This challenge is happening for a reason.

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  • Making the most of your strengths and what you can bring to the table through change.

  • If the problems seem too big to tackle, break it down into manageable pieces.

  • Accept that change is a part of life.

I might not have chosen this challenge, but it's here, and I can handle it.

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  • Shifting the focus from just yourself to others involved in the change.

  • Anticipating the needs of others by putting yourself in their shoes.

  • Build positive beliefs in your own abilities.

This challenge will impact us all differently. Let's work together.


Waking up thinking that this is going to be the best day speaks best to which behavior?

Self Assessment

Flaticon Icon Take a moment to review the actions associated with each behavior. For each statement, ask yourself: Does this sound like me?


  • I reflect on new information and seek the positives

  • I recognize that it is my choice to be optimistic

  • I make time for others and the people


  • I always ask ‘why?’ until I have a full understanding

  • I involve myself in activities that matter to me

  • I challenge the status quo and make sure there is purpose to everything I do

Own it

  • I understand and embrace my strengths

  • I set achievable goals, and take time to celebrate success

  • I take the time to learn from my failures and missteps


  • I take time to foster meaningful relationships

  • I take time to understand others perspectives

  • I share good news with others, and celebrate their success

The statements that sounded like you are your strengths. Anything that didn't sound like you is an opportunity to become more resilient.

Take Action

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What's next...

Which behaviours do you excel in? Which one(s) can you work on more?

Commit to taking action to improve by checking out other resources where you want to improve!!


Your feedback matters to us.

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