Frida is having lunch with her best friend, Abigail. She’s a young, ambitious, finance professional who would like to complete an MBA.

Frida’s department manager told her that she could apply for an MBA without taking the GMAT exam. Frida wants to apply for a GMAT waiver but doesn’t know if she'll qualify.

Two females having lunch. “I’m thinking about getting a GMAT exam waiver.  Replies, "Oh! I didn't know you could do that."

If you, like Frida, want to apply to business school for an MBA, make sure you do your research to discover if you’re eligible for a GMAT waiver.

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What's the Purpose of the GMAT Waiver?

MBA admission programs use GMAT waivers to introduce greater equity and access for potential candidates.  

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A university can approve your GMAT waiver for a variety of reasons:

  • If your environment & inaccessibility make GMAT test taking difficult

  • If you have a high test score on a similar test like the GRE (Graduate Record Exam)

  • If you didn’t perform well on tests, but have evidence of aptitude

  • If your prior academic course work & business experience is highly relevant

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What's the Criteria for an MBA GMAT Waiver?

If you thought getting a GMAT waiver means:

  • no studying for the GMAT exam

  • no GMAT practice or mock tests

  • no stress about GMAT test scores

Then think again!

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In order to be considered for a GMAT waiver, you need to have excellent:

  • analysis writing & mathematical skills

  • critical thinking & reasoning skills

  • readiness to complete an MBA program

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The main areas for evaluating your candidacy for a GMAT waiver focus on:

  • academic record & intellectual aptitude

  • work experience & professional growth

  • leadership & teamwork experience

  • communication & interpersonal skills

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💡 Check out a list of reputed business schools that offer MBA GMAT waivers.

What's The Rejection Criteria?

The MBA admissions approval process for the GMAT exam waiver is discretionary and very competitive. They are looking for exceptional candidates who have evidence of business acumen and can apply critical thinking skills.

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Your chances of getting a GMAT waiver are low if you:

  • can't demonstrate college-level math or financial credentials

  • have no relevant business experience that meets MBA standards

  • have little or no team collaboration & leadership experience

  • can't show quantitative skills without a GMAT or GRE score

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💡 Study and take the GMAT exam to boost the chances of your waiver application being approved.


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Frida is a 5-year finance manager at an accounting firm and loves all things math and calculus. Her experience includes financial accounting and analyzing market trends. She wants to get an MBA and meets with friends to discuss her eligibility for a GMAT waiver.

Austin recently earned his MBA. He thinks Frida should include her expertise in managing business budgets, working on tax issues, and financial forecasting.

Ian wants Frida to emphasize her strong verbal and written presentation skills, her professional certifications, and related academic degrees.


What information would strongly support Frida’s application for a GMAT waiver? Choose all that apply.

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