Is technology getting in the way of your learning?

A person throwing books and a laptop into the air in frustration.

Meet Kai

They signed up for an in-person class to focus on learning without dealing with online technology.

They're frustrated that they still need to use technology to access class materials, talk to the professor, and turn in homework.

Avoid this frustration!

Practice key tech skills you'll use in class so you can focus on learning the class topic instead of new technology.

Basic Computer Skills

A person smashing buttons on their keyboard in frustration.

Let's start with basic computer skills you'll need to access class materials, complete class projects, and submit assignment.

  • Using a computer with a keyboard and mouse (open/use applications and files)

  • Editing (copy, paste) and organizing (save, move, rename) files

  • Downloading and installing software


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You may need to communicate with your professor via email, an online discussion board, a chat program, or video conferencing.


  • Creating a professional email address

  • Sending/posting messages with attached files

  • Opening/reading messages and downloading attached files

  • Connecting to a video conference (e.g. Zoom or Google Meet), and using options to participate: mute/unmute, turn on video, screen share, raise hand

Word Processing

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You'll need to create, format, and send documents to complete assignments.

Use software on your computer (e.g. Word, Pages) or online (e.g. Google Docs) that can save files as .doc and .pdf.


  • Formatting text: fonts, sizes, and styles (bold, italics, headings, bullets)

  • Changing page orientation, margins, line spacing

  • Adding page numbers, headers, and footers

  • Edit text using spell-checking, thesaurus, find and replace

  • Saving files in different formats and sending them to your professor


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Spreadsheets are useful for organizing data into tables, doing calculations, and creating charts and graphs for class projects.

Use software on your computer (e.g. Excel, Keynote, Powerpoint) or online (e.g. Google Sheets, Google Slides) that can save files as .xls, .csv, and .pdf.


  • Entering and organizing data into columns and rows

  • Freezing columns and rows, sorting and filtering data

  • Using formulas to do basic calculations (e.g. sum, average)

  • Creating graphs and charts from data


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You'll need to give presentations in class using software on your computer (e.g. Excel, Keynote) or online (e.g. Google Sheets) that can save files as .ppt, .xls, .csv, and .pdf.


  • Choosing a template and customizing slide themes

  • Creating slides with images and text

  • Animating slides to transition to the next slide or reveal a slide in parts

  • Adding audio or recording voiceover narration to slides

  • Adding presenter notes


Kai uses a computer every day to surf the internet and chat with friends. Which of these tutorials should they complete to have a better learning experience during class?


Flaticon Icon You'll need to conduct research to grow your knowledge and complete class assignment.


  • Connecting to the internet and browsing websites

  • Using search engines to learn about a topic and identify trustworthy sources

  • Using library databases to conduct a literature review

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