You've been talking to someone for a while and are ready to ask them out on a first date. You're trying to think about unique and fun ideas that would impress your date.

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How about an eco-friendly first date that celebrates love, the Earth, and is affordable?

Picnic in the park

Two people are having a picnic outdoors Photo by Jarritos Mexican Soda on Unsplash

Show off your culinary talent. Prepare and pack homemade snacks and meals, and remember to ditch single-use plastics utensils.

Hike or Bike

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Complement a picnic in the park with hiking or biking on a breathtaking trail. It's good for your body and the environment.

Plan a Plant Date

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Grow something together and get crafty. Plant seeds or seedlings at a community garden or in pots that you have decorated with eco-friendly art supplies.


Two people are sitting on grass, stargazing

Lay under the stars as you connect and enjoy each other's company. Take in romantic and peaceful views of the night's sky.

Ice skating

People are ice skating outdoors Photo by Brian Kyed on Unsplash

Buddle up and go ice skating with your date. There are rinks in major cities and town centers, and some of them are even indoors!

Walk By Holiday Light Displays

Colored holiday lights Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Take a night-time stroll and soak in the whimsical holiday light decor on display. This will surely brighten your date.


You're planning an eco-friendly first date. Which of the following ideas would you consider? Select all that apply.

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Are you ready to plan your first eco-friendly date?


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