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Looking to bring your creative vision to life through graphic design?

Choosing the right app is key, as it can make all the difference in achieving your desired outcome. When you're picking the right tool, it's helpful to keep in mind the quality of results and skill level you want to achieve.

1. Canva at First Sight

Canva is a platform that creates impressive professional designs even with very little experience.

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Although the free version is pretty awesome, like most apps, a paid subscription allows you to have access to a wider variety of professional-quality features.

Here is a quick peek at Canva, which shows ready-made designs for social media:


  • Simple and intuitive interface

  • Extensive library of templates and assets

  • Basic photo editing tools

  • Collaboration features for team projects

Check out Canva.

2. Express Yourself with Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Express is a beginner-friendly version of Adobe Photoshop, primarily designed for mobile devices and casual photo editing.

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The video clip below displays some of its cool features such as spot healing, makeup, and adding a smile when someone isn't smiling:


  • Mobile-friendly and easy-to-use interface

  • Basic photo editing tools (crop, rotate, adjust colors)

  • Filters and effects

  • One-touch enhancement options

Take a look at Adobe Photoshop Express.

3. Teamwork with Figma

Figma is a collaborative web-based design tool that provides professional designers with all the essential design features.

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This video displays Figma's layout and basic tools, such as a pen, eraser, notepad, and text box tools.


  • Familiar design interface

  • Robust vector editing tools

  • Prototyping and interactive design capabilities

  • Plugins to extend the functionality

Go ahead and take a peek at Figma.

4. Be Inspired with Procreate

The Procreate app is painting and drawing tool designed for iOS devices like the iPad. It can be used by beginners who are willing to learn a few tips and tricks. Some experts may not be satisfied with the pixel image results.

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In this video, you can see Procreate's canvas and the many paintbrush options.


  • Optimized for iPad devices

  • With a few tutorials, it's easy to learn

  • Vast selection of brushes

Hop on over and take a look at Procreate.

5. Create with Adobe Fresco

Similar to Procreate, Fresco is a drawing and painting app designed for touch and stylus (pen/pencil tools).

It offers professional quality results while being intuitive enough for a beginner who is willing to spend a few hours exploring the features.

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This video shows Fresco in action, selecting a predesigned image and then using the masking tool.


  • Offers various brushes, including vector brushes.

  • Creates and edits vector graphics

  • Lets artists work on large-scale projects

Follow this link to get the free app: Adobe Fresco

6. Up Your Game with Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is primarily used for creating and editing professional vector-based artwork, which allows designs to be scalable without losing quality.

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This video shows you the layout in Adobe Illustrator and how to use the paintbrush tool.


  • Not as user-friendlyas some other programs

  • A wide range of drawing tools are available

  • Commonly used by professional designers

Try out Adobe Illustrator.


You want to create a low budget ad for your cupcake business. You are totally new to graphic design and can't draw to save your life. You also can't afford to hire a professional graphic designer. Which apps do you think would be most helpful to you?

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The above apps are just a sampling of the immense variety that is available. Explore and have fun using these and other amazing graphic design apps! Make a choice, and then go for it.


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