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It's time for college! Have you thought about physical activity?

When students transition from high school to post-secondary education, they tend to be less physically active.

Staying physically active during your post-secondary experience will contribute to your well-being by enhancing:

  • creativity and learning

  • regulated sleep patterns

  • concentration, memory, and attention

  • mood and self-esteem

Check Out The Facilities

Local gyms can be expensive!

Before splurging or writing off fitness altogether, check out what your school has to offer.

Most campuses have a fitness & recreation center that offers free resources or memberships at student rates. They can include things like:

  • a track

  • a pool

  • exercise equipment

  • courts

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clock with speed lines An added bonus: using a gym close to your classes or dorm is a huge time saver!

Make A Plan

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With a schedule packed with lectures, assignments, studying, and your social life, it can be tricky to find time for exercise.

Make a plan to stay on track!

  • Write out your goals — this will help you stay focused. 📓

  • Consider favorite activitiesyou're more likely to follow through if you enjoy what you're doing! 🧘🏾‍♀️

  • Use your phone calendar — set reminders in your phone to exercise. 🗓

  • Use a fitness app — organize your routine and track your workouts. 📱

  • Be creative — find ways to make your social time physical, i.e. hiking with friends. 🥾

  • Be flexible — overwhelmed with exams? Take a day or two off, or switch to light exercise on study breaks. 💃🏻

  • Listen to your body — don't push yourself too hard! If you start feeling unwell, dial it down. 💪🏿

Find A Buddy

Exercising is easy to plan for, but can be hard to commit to and continue to do. Luckily, a buddy can help you. One of the biggest predictors of successful, persistent exercise is the support of other people.

Ask your roommate to join in or find a workout buddy at the gym or in a fitness group. If someone is waiting for you, you’ll be more likely to show up.

Some perks of having a buddy:

  • You’ll be even more committed to your goals.

  • You'll be less likely to get bored and quit.

  • It will help you feel less stressed.

  • You’ll push yourself to work harder.

Join A Team Or Class

Committing to an intramural sports team or fitness class is an easy way to stick to a schedule, hold yourself accountable, and stay motivated.

Intermural Sports

There are usually tons of different sports to choose from like dodgeball, basketball, ultimate frisbee, and even quidditch. Whatever your interests, there's a team for you to join! As a bonus, you'll meet a bunch of new people.

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Fitness Classes

Post-secondary on-campus or virtual fitness classes might cost money but are usually priced for student budgets.

Classes could include Yoga, Zumba, Dance, or HIIT and vary in their levels of intensity.

Work Movement Into Your Day-To-Day

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Practice working exercise into your day-to-day and move more!

  • Throw on your runners and walk to class. Every step counts! Walking burns calories, improves muscle tone, and reduces stress.

  • Climb stairs on-campus. Work your leg muscles and improve your cardiovascular fitness level.

  • Bring your water bottle. Staying hydrated is the key to keep moving!

  • Try Deskercises. If you find yourself sitting for long periods of time, take breaks and do a few exercises at your desk.


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