What if you could pamper yourself and the Earth at the same time?

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Enhance your skincare routine by incorporating sustainable products and practices!

What is Sustainability?

You’ve probably heard popular beauty bloggers use the word sustainable when reviewing products. But what does itreally mean?

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Sustainability means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

When it comes to skincare and beauty, there are many ways to establish a routine without negatively impacting the environment.

Why Make Your Beauty Routine More Sustainable?

  • You'll contribute less to the massive amounts of waste produced each year.

  • You'll contribute less to air and water pollution.

  • You'll use chemical-free products that are better for your skin.

  • You'll save some coins while going green.

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Reuse Sustainably

  • Clean and reuse your empty containers instead of throwing them out.

  • Buy products in bulk and refill the original containers over and over again.

  • Choose cleansing tools like washcloths and reusable cotton pads to reduce waste.

  • Keep those makeup bags you get from your favorite beauty supply stores and repurpose them.


What product should Mallory avoid if she wants to be more eco-friendly?

Save Water

Many of us inadvertently leave the water on while we perform steps of our skin-care routine that don’t require it.

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Turn the water off when you don’t need it. Being more aware of unused running water can save gallons.

Sustainable Packaging

  • Consider buying products with minimal packaging.

  • Look for skincare goodies with recyclable packaging.

  • Keep an eye out for products with PCR (post-consumer resin) containers. They're made from recycled plastics. 

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Recycle Sustainably

  • Separate bathroom recyclables. Have a container for plastic bottles or paper and a container for trash.

  • Recycle in the store. Some retailers give you incentives for returning an empty package.


How can Emma make her skincare routine more sustainable on a tight budget?

Maintain a Quality, Sustainable Routine

You can still have a solid beauty routine when using sustainable products.

Sustainable makeup removal pads made from Bamboo

Most eco-friendly brands use environmentally friendly ingredients, which are actually gentler on the skin.

Also,the eco-friendly materials used to construct the tools are just as sturdy and durable as plastic. For example, bamboo is used instead of plastic for makeup application tools like pads, q-tips, and brushes.

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Step up your sustainability skincare game!


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