Think about the last time that you were the "new person" at work. Starting a new job comes with many stressful learning curves, including building relationships with your new coworkers.

Let's explore some ways that you can welcome new coworkers to your workplace so that they feel comfortable from day one.

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Introduce Yourself

Your new coworker is going to have a lot of new faces and names to remember, so give them time.

Keep it Simple

  • Give a firm handshake

  • Tell them your name and job title

  • Introduce any other teammates

  • Ask questions to get to know them

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Build Community

Help your coworker ease into their new environment.

  • Invite your new coworker to join the community in your workplace

  • Encourage them to attend gatherings

  • Give them a staff contact list, or invite them to join any work-related social media

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Give A Tour

Help your new coworker get to know their new space. Make sure to point out where their workspace is, as well as other people who might be nearby.

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Point out the basics

If you're giving a tour of a large area, make sure they know the necessities such as:

  • Restrooms

  • Break rooms

  • Conference rooms

  • Areas where staff gatherings are held

Celebrate Them

Make your coworker feel welcomed by celebrating that they have joined your team! Simple gestures go a long way in making someone feel accepted and welcomed.

You can celebrate them by:

  • Giving a small gift like an item with the company's logo (mug, notepad, etc.)

  • Leaving a welcome note or card

  • Holding a luncheon or breakfast with other staff to welcome them

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Make Yourself Available

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Though a lot may be covered in their first week, questions will likely come up unexpectedly.

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Build time into your schedule to help answer any questions your new coworker may have.

The more willing you are to be available, the more comfortable they will feel!

Check In

Give your coworker some space to get settled in, but make sure to check in. A friendly conversation at the end of the day will go a long way. Build rapport by showing that you care about them.

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Which of these would likely make your coworker feel most welcomed by you?

Take Action

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Use this checklist to help you each time you have someone join your team:


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