What is Lifelong Learning?

This short video gives us a great and straightforward definition:

Lifelong Learning is "the ongoing, voluntary and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons."

  • It involves different learning activities, such as formal education, professional training, social learning, and so on.

So, why should you incorporate Lifelong Learning in your life?

1. Uplifts Your Motivation

Are you stuck in a routine? Does it sometimes feel nothing surprises or challenges you anymore?

Humans are instinctively curious creatures wired to grow and develop.

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We need movement, innovation, and stimulation to keep us motivated.

Keeping yourself engaged in learning new and exciting things reduces boredom. It makes room for new challenges and even for new like-minded friends.

2. Increases Your Self-confidence

Do you remember that feeling when you first got parallel parked? Or when you finally tied your own shoes as a kid?

Such an empowering feeling, right?

Becoming more knowledgeable increases our confidence and competence in both personal and professional lives.

It prompts us to show ourselves up to the world, overcome challenges, and enjoy our lives to the fullest.

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3. Improves Your Mental Health

Use it or lose it! 

Researchers have found positive evidence that keeping our brain stimulated by engaging in continuous learning activities can reduce mental decline as we age.

So, treat your brain like a muscle and don't stop exercising it!

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Here are some extra activities to keep your mind active:

  • Read books and magazines from different genres

  • Play games

  • Take or teach a class

  • Learn a new skill or hobby


Which of these options are NOT brain-boosting strategies?

4. Boosts Your Career

Skill up to keep up!

Gone are the days when getting a formal education and attending job orientation sessions were enough to build a successful career.

Employability is no longer related only to skills needed at the moment, but also skills needed for future challenges.

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By adopting a Lifelong Learning mindset and improving skills continuously, you stay competitive in a market that demands adaptability, resilience and creativity.

5. Builds A Knowledge Society

Excitement about learning is contagious.

When you adopt and live a Lifelong Learning mindset, people around you notice your growth and become inspired to learn new things and improve themselves too.

Be the driver of a knowledgeable and prosperous society!

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Take Action

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Start enjoying the benefits of Lifelong Learning!

Over the next week:

  • Think about some new and exciting things you would like to learn or be able to do

  • Research the topic

  • Commit to spending 10 minutes a day practicing this skill or learning more about it.


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