Have you ever seen these Notion tours on YouTube, and wondered if the app can help you improve your student life?

Notion is a great note-taking and productivity app for students to manage everything from their academic to personal lives.

Here are 5 free Notion templates for students to kick start your journey to an improved and productive student life!

Campus Life Organizer Notion Template for Students

The Campus Life Organizer is the perfect template for students trying to balance their life on campus with their academics and everything in between.

These are its features:

Features: planner, networking, job applications, packing for college, time blocking, goals, habit tracker, budget tracker

College Hub

The College Hub template helps you to organize your class information, including your syllabi and homework submission dates. It also serves as an all-in-one spot for frequented school links.

Notion templates for students by College Hub

To add links to your Calendar, Google Drive, or other important sites, you can add a text block (/t), change the text color to gray (/gray), and add this unicode arrow (↗︎).

Note-Taking Notion Template for Students

From dashboards to subnotebooks, Thomas Frank's Note-Taking System template contains all the features needed to satisfy your note-taking needs. 

Note-Taking Notion templates for students

Spaced Repetition

The Spaced Repetition template employs the strategy of spacing out your study sessions. This can help you retain important information for longer while spending fewer hours reviewing the material.

A screenshot of the

Depending on your level of comfort with the content after each repetition, you can leave a rating from 1 to 5, where 5 means you've completely mastered it. This means that you don't have to complete 4 reps every time and adjust as you go!

Reading List

Outside of your required academic readings, Ali Abdaal’s book notes template can help you take a break to catch up on leisure books and reflect on what you learned from them.

A screenshot of the

Test Your Knowledge

Halley is a rising college senior who is new to Notion. She's looking for a template that can help her organize her campus life and keep track of the books she has read. She's considering the “Campus Life Organizer” and “Reading List” templates above, but can't decide on what to do next.

What should Halley do?

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A. Create an entirely new page from scratch

B. Use only one of the templates because it is difficult to use both at once

C. Duplicate both templates and combine certain aspects of them into one

D. Give up on trying Notion because it seems complicated


Halley should

Take Action

Try notion templates for students

Notion templates for students are useful for everyone in school!

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