You've just been asked to interview for your dream job!

You've researched the company and have prepared excellent questions to ask during the interview. The only problem is you have a limited budget and NEED to find an outfit that will make a good impression!

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You can dress for success and land your dream job even when you're low on funds!

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First Decide What You Need

What type of clothing will you need to wear? Is the company formal or business casual?

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  • Suit with skirt or pants

  • Dress shoes

  • Tie

  • Dress shirt

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  • Khakis or dress pants

  • Blazer

  • Professional dress or skirt

  • Dress shirt

  • Closed-toe shoes

Borrow Clothing

  • Ask friends or family members if you can borrow something to wear! Maybe they have a professional outfit they wore for their last interview. 

  • Rent professional clothing. Some websites allow you to rent designer clothing for a fraction of the cost to buy! Illustrated female wearing a sweater and black suit with overlaid text that reads

Shop Discount Stores or Second Hand Shops

Check discount stores for last season’s fashions or for clothing with minor imperfections. Remember, suits and dress clothing are timeless and do not follow trends.

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Second-hand or consignment shops are a great option and often have a good selection of professional attire. Some people even donate clothing that has never been worn!

  • Check out shops in the fancy part of town

  • Online shops like eBay and Poshmark also have second-hand clothes!

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Sales are Your Friend

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Affordable suits, dresses, skirts, blazers, ties, dress shirts, and professional shoes can be purchased at a discount. 

  • Visit your favorite stores to check out what is on sale or clearance

  • See if there any discount codes or coupons before you buy!

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Less is More

No need to buy fancy necklaces or watches! A clean and tidy appearance is the most important step to ensuring that your affordable attire makes a great impression.

As you finalize your outfit:

  • Keep accessories to a minimun

  • Clean or polish your shoes

  • Make sure your clothing is pressed

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Mel's Interview

Mel has an interview at a law office. She knows many of the employees are conservative in their fashion choices and wear suits or professional dresses. She wants to make a great impression but has a limited budget.

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Which option makes the most sense for Mel?

Take Action

Now that you know how to dress for success for less, get ready to land your dream job!

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