Do you find it challenging to establish boundaries while working from home?

If so, you're not alone! 58% of participants in a remote worker survey shared that the lines between work and personal life are blurred.

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What can you do to stop your job from taking up your personal time while working from home? You can establish boundaries!

Meet Joanie, a Remote Worker

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Joanie is a software engineer.

Recently, her department moved to a remote work environment. Joanie wrote the following list of pros and cons regarding things she has noticed since working from home.

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Pros of Working from Home

  • extra time to spend with friends

  • more flexibility throughout the day

  • no commute or sitting in traffic

  • less fuel and travel expenses

  • spending less money on lunches and coffee

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Cons of Working from Home

  • the workday doesn't seem to end

  • often still dressed in pajamas at 3pm

  • checking email, even on days off

  • often feeling sore and tired

  • feeling overwhelmed with daily invites to coffee chats and virtual lunches

Joanie needs boundaries!

4 strategies will help her find a better work/life balance while working from home.

1. Set Up a Home Office Space

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Joanie needs a dedicated office space to provide separation between workand home. Without this, her entire home becomes a workspace.

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What Joanie needs to set up her home office space:

  • an entire room, a closet, or a corner of a room

  • a quiet environment that is clean and where she can work best

  • an organized workspace with personal pictures, music, a pet fish, etc

  • an ergonomic setup to reduce muscle soreness and increase energy

2. Create a Work Routine

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A proper work routine will help Joanie to be productive, promote energy, and improve her work/life balance.

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Joanie can create a work routine if she:

  • gets dressed in comfortable work clothes each morning

  • has morning coffee, tea, or breakfast

  • stays hydrated throughout the day with a water bottle

  • sets designated work hours for her needs

  • takes a regular lunch break away from the office

  • takes short morning and afternoon breaks

3. Establish Personal Time to Avoid Burnout

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To avoid burnout, Joanie needs to develop work boundaries that respect her personal time while working from home.

Icon depicting female texting and emailing on smartphone To prevent burnout, Joanie can:

  • turn off her email and phone notifications outside of work hours

  • remove her work email from her personal phone

  • set away notifications outside work hours

  • use her paid time off days throughout the year

  • schedule social time with friends and family outside of work hours

Sharing her work schedule with family, friends, and co-workers will ensure her work time is respected!

4. Find Balance With Coworkers

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Setting boundaries with coworkers will allow Joanie to feel less overwhelmed when she receives daily messages for coffee chats and virtual lunches.

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To set social boundaries at work, Joanie can:

  • decide on a set number of coffee chats/virtual lunches per week

  • set away notifications on work communication platforms during breaks

  • create a polite "No" template that she can copy/paste into messages to turn down requests for her time

  • plan lunches with her family and friends away from her office

⚡Help Joanie Create Some Boundaries

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After a long day of meetings, neighbors dropping in unannounced while she was working, and a late night working to meet a project deadline, Joanie is ready to make some changes that will improve her work/life balance.

Here's a reminder of Joanie's "Cons of Working from Home" list:

  • the workday doesn't seem to end

  • often still dressed in pajamas at 3pm

  • checking email, even on days off

  • often feeling sore and tired

  • feeling overwhelmed with daily invites to coffee chats and virtual lunches


What action can Joanie take to create boundaries while working from home? Select all that apply.

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