You can gain valuable experience from student leadership opportunities.

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Being a student leader will show potential employers that you're proactive about gaining life skills while studying.


Joining a club related to your interests or chosen degree has its benefits:

  • Learning new skills

  • Making new friends

  • Expanding your professional network

  • Gaining leadership experience

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Clubs have a small group of leaders that manage club operations. Apply for one after you've been a member for a while and learned how things work.

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In the meantime, volunteer to lead a club project or plan a social event to gain leadership experience and meet other club members.


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Find a cause or organization that you're passionate about, and volunteer your time and skills.

Local non-profits, fundraising events at your school, or club committees are good places to start.

You don't need a formal leadership role to gain experience. Showing initiative and helping coordinate work with peers counts!

Student Job

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Even as a student, you'll already have transferable skills for some entry-level jobs.

Student jobs often offer training and opportunities to gain leadership experience.

Look for opportunities where you can lead a project or committee to gain experience.

Student Government

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If you want a more formal leadership opportunity, look into your school's student government association. 

You'll have different roles to choose from, and you'll get to help improve the student experience.

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Be a leader!

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