Scrooge McDuck jumping into a pile of gold coins. Ever dreamed of being your own boss, but thought it would cost too much $$$ to start your own company?

Well, think again!

There are lots of different businesses that you can start with little to no money:

  • Freelancer

  • Handmade craft seller

  • E-commerce

  • Virtual assistant

Start With What You Have

Think of a "can do" list including:

  • Skills: What can you do?

  • Experience: What have you done in the past?

  • Knowledge: What do you know?

  • Tangible resources: What do you own/have access to? Can you access loans or grants?

  • Network: What relationships can you tap into?

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Research The Market

It's important to identify your target market so that you can focus on what exactly your customers need and want, and how best to communicate with them.

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  • Internet Search: See if people in your area are interested in what you want to sell

  • Social Media: Use these platforms to host interest surveys

  • Competitors: Research companies that sell or provide a similar service that you'd like to offer

Planning & Branding

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It's time to come up with a game plan! Here's what you'll need to work on next:

  • Business Plan: Create a plan that names the goals of your business and how you plan on achieving those goals.

  • Legal Requirements: Look up the requirements for owning a company in your state, province, region, or country. Do you need a license or insurance?

  • Business Name: Brainstorm a few names that fit your type of business. Names that are short and easy to remember are best.

  • Branding: Think about how you want to market your company. Consider colors, fonts, and a logo. Websites with free subscriptions such as Canva and DesignBold can help.

Set Up Your Company

There are a few essential (free) things you need to set up your company:

  • Website: Set up a website using your company's branding design.

  • Email Address: Set up a business email account.

  • Email Marketing Tool: Set up an account to attract customers and keep an email list. You can send newsletters and promotions this way.

  • Social Media Marketing: Set up business accounts on different social media sites promoting your company and giving a "behind the scenes" look on how you do what you do.

Take Action

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