Do you love giving others beautifully wrapped gifts, but feel bad about all the paper you use?

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Discover sustainable gift wrapping alternatives that still look amazing!

Use What You've Got

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Look around your house for things like:

  • Baskets

  • Cloth napkins

  • Fabric scraps

  • String, twine, or yarn

  • Silk flowers from an old wreath or arrangement

  • Unused makeup and jewelry bags

Use these as containers and wrapping supplies!

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Beautiful Basket Redux

  • Grab a gently used basket or one you've been meaning to use but never did.

  • Glue on some silk flowers to pizzazz it up.

  • Place your gift inside, and cover with a napkin or piece of fabric.

Here's something I made with a basket that had broken handles and leftover crafting supplies, topped with a pretty napkin for beautiful wrapping!


What else could you use from around your house?

Use Natural Materials

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Go to a park or beach, walk in the woods, or step into your yard and find things like:

  • Pine branches

  • Twigs

  • Wildflowers

  • Dried grasses

  • Autumn leaves and acorns

  • Shells

Use these as package embellishments!

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Lovely Leaf Box

  • Put your gift inside a box you found around your house and seal it up.

  • Glue autumn leaves all over the box.

  • Top with twigs from wild berry bushes.

Be Like a Grandma

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If your grandma is anything like mine, she doesn't throw stuff away.

Don't waste these useful things that can turn into pretty wrapping with a little creativity!

  • Grocery and department store paper bags

  • Bubble wrap and boxes from online purchases

  • Unused decorative paper napkins (for decoupage)

  • Gently used tissue paper and ribbons

  • Food containers like oatmeal boxes, glass jars, and mint tins

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Holiday Present

  • Place gift in a recycled container.

  • Wrap in brown paper from your old paper bag.

  • Dip bubble wrap into paint to decorate the paper.

  • Tie up with recycled garland and embellish with a gently used tree ornament.

Wrap Your Gift with a Gift

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Sometimes the gift itself can serve as the wrapping or embellishment!

  • Dishtowel wrapped around a jar and secured with twine

  • Reusable tote instead of a paper gift bag

  • A pretty scarf in lieu of wrapping paper

  • Men's tie instead of ribbon

  • Pens, hair ties, candy, or small toys as toppers

Try This!


Do you sew? Use leftover fabric to make simple gift sacks! They'll be a much-appreciated gift in and of themselves, and can be regifted for years to come!

Take Action

There are so many things you can use instead of traditional gift wrap!

Wrapping gifts in alternative ways is fun, environmentally friendly, and adds a unique touch to your gifts that your friends will appreciate!

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