You spent the morning writing your resume. Your finger is ready to click “Apply” on a job posting. 

Stop right there!

Your resume may be competing with hundreds of others. How will it stand out?

Look to 4 resume superheroes to help your resume get noticed!

Coworker ("the Sidekick")

This helpful superhero knows what you accomplished at your job and may even remember things that you forgot to include on your resume. If you find it difficult to boast about personal accomplishments on a resume, a coworker can help you promote yourself.

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Person In The Field ("the Foot Soldier")

This superhero-insider may be a hiring manager or leader in the industry or company where you are applying. They know what the job involves and what kinds of words and accomplishments an employer wants to see on a resume.

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H R Professional Or Recruiter ("the Machine")

This gatekeeping superhero spends a lot of time looking at resumes, sometimes with the help of an applicant tracking system (ATS). ATS software scans resumes to find keywords relevant to the job posting. It may sort and discard some resumes before a human even sees them!

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Human resources professionals and recruiters know how to structure resumes, as well as what words to include or avoid, topass the ATS.


You don’t like to brag about yourself. Which superhero can help highlight any work accomplishments you forgot to include on your resume?

Writer Or Editor ("the Eagle Eye")

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Do you know someone who always corrects your grammar or word choice when you talk? Maybe that person is even a professional writer or editor?

This occasionally annoying but meticulous superhero will spot those missed periods, spelling mistakes, and other issues that might land your resume in the trash. 

Having a well-edited resume is especially important if you're applying for jobs that require attention to detail.


Which superhero should read your resume last?

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