There can be lots of reasons for you to choose to move out — whether it's out of necessity like relocating for a new job, or for personal reasons like a personality clash with your roommate, or wanting to move in with a partner.

In any scenario, ensure that you're being respectful to your roommate when breaking the news.

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Here are few tips to keep in mind before you have the conversation with your roommate.

Prepare What You Want To Say

Before approaching the conversation, make a list of key things your roommate needs to know.

For Example:

  • When you'll be moving

  • Reasons why you are moving

  • Possible arrangements that you and your roomate will need to make.

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Choose The Right Time & Place

  • If possible, have the conversation with your roommate in person — no one enjoys getting bad news over text or email!

  • Give yourself plenty of time to talk things through

  • Give your roommate (and landlord) plenty of notice. You'll need to consider how much notice is required within your rental agreement (if applicable). At least 30 days notice is the norm. You'll want to give your roommate enough time to find another roomate and plan ahead for the change.

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Keep The Conversation Focused

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Stay focused on the topic, and be respectful in your conversation with your roommate.

Don't play the blame game: You don't want to burn bridges or lose a friendship. Even if the reason you're moving out may be entirely because of their actions, try to reframe your reasons in a respectful way.

For Example:

If you feel that you lack privacy, and your roommate is constantly in your living space, you could frame the conversation around wanting to live alone and having some extra space for yourself and your hobbies.


You've decided to move due to your roommate's loud partying. When your roommate asks why you're moving, an appropriate response could be:

Help Your Roommate Prepare For The Change

Communicate how you can help prep for the change.

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For Example:

  • A nice gesture is to help them find another roommate. This can help to relieve some of the financial pressure if you and your roomate are on a lease. Discuss your options, and remember to check with your landlord.

  • Ask your roommate if there are any items they'd like to keep. Don't leave behind any unwanted items or baggage for your roommate to deal with.

  • If you've split the costs on any items, make sure to have a conversation with your roommate on how to divvy up these items.

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