So you lied to your parents but it was unintentional. Tom shrugging with a grin.

It just happened!

They'll believe you, right? Right?

Reasons Why Youngsters Or People Lie

Micheal Scott: Why do you lie, liar

There are many reasons why you might lie to your parents:

  • to get out of trouble

  • to get out of a situation you think your parents will overreact to

  • to maintain privacy

  • to avoid disappointing your parents

How To Undo It?

Being caught lying is not a pleasant experience.

You felt comfortable doing it in the moment, but now, the guilt is killing you and you want to undo the lie.

A man with arrow in left shoulder saying ' Undo it !'

Sally was supposed to turn in her term paper but she got caught up using social media and missed the deadline. When her mom asked her if she had submitted it, she said yes! Now, she's in trouble. She hasn't turned in her paper, which will cost her grade, and she also lied to her mom.

Lisa Simpson: feeling guilty and saying ' I did'.


How can Sally make things right?

Steps To Restore Trust: Part 1

It won't be easy to restore your parents' trust but it's doable.

How to apologize for lying? Dawson crying: I'm trying to build trust

1) Own it!

The first step won't be easy but it will put you on a path to recover trust.

If you own it, it will end the cycle of lies after lies after lies...

Unending cycle

2) Apologize

A heartfelt and sincere apology will set things in the right direction. The following statements are simple ways to apologize:

  • I'm sorry I hurt you by... I was wrong.

  • I should have…/I shouldn’t have…

  • I'm sorry for hurting your feelings.

  • I regret the way I acted.

  • I'm ashamed that I lied.

  • I'm sorry, I made a mistake.

David Schwimmer saying It was a mistake! I made a mistake !

Steps To Restore Trust: Part 2

3) Explain Without Excuses

Excuses won't get you anywhere. But an explanation will help build better communication. Explaining your feelings and situation will help your parents understand your standpoint.

woman with expression of disgust, caption 'excuses'

4) Damage Control

The damage is done, so you'll have to bear the burden for the time being until you win back their trust. Promise to be honest with them from now on and follow through on it!

Woody and Buzz Lightyear : Caption : 'damage control, damage control everywhere'


Your parents still have trouble trusting you after catching you in a lie. What should you do?

Take Action

Lying to your parents might damage your relationship with them. Once you break their trust, it'll be very difficult to earn it back.

A girl falling backwards and guy catching her

Next time you feel the urge to lie, ask yourself:


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