You've been with your significant other for a while. And now, you're considering the next step:


Boxes saying movin in day That's great news! The fact that you're even thinking about it means you're serious about your relationship.

It's a big step and you might be asking yourself:


Boy saying: I don't know if I am ready for that

Look closely at your relationship for clear signs that you're ready — or not ready — to live with your partner.

Can You Handle Conflict?

When you live together, problems will happen. It's important that you can both resolve conflict in a healthy way.

Woman gives options to question: When it comes to conflict, which one do you do, Option 1: Avoid It; Option 2: Avoiding  It There's a big difference between healthy and unhealthy conflict resolution!


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  • Respecting each other's point of view

  • Keeping calm and non-defensive

  • Focusing on resolution

  • Desire to seek compromise


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  • Lack of respect for the other's goals

  • Being defensive and reactionary

  • Focusing on winning

  • Refusal to seek compromise

Are You Spending Most Of Your Time Together?

Spending as much time at your partner's place as you are at your own could be a sign that you're ready for the next step.

This is also a good way to see how you'll navigate disagreements or handle tough conversations you need to have. 

Man and women sleeping in the couch

Moving in together shouldn't feel like a big deal. If you've been committed long enough and spend a lot of time at each other's places already, then moving in together will feel like the natural next step.

Are You On The Same Page?

Consider your long-term goals together. Having similar life goals will give your relationship the best chance for success.

Bart Simpson opening a notebook titled my plan Make sure you're on same the page when it comes to:


  • Flaticon Icon Do you want to have kids?

  • Do you want pets?

  • Is family (parents/extended family) important for both of you?


  • Flaticon Icon Are you willing to relocate?

  • Do your jobs have high demands?

  • How are you going to balance household chores and your jobs?

Flaticon Icon Finances

  • Are you going to have a joint account?

  • How are you going to manage household finances?

  • Who will pay the bills?


Emma and Anna are looking to move in together. What are some life goals that they need to talk about beforehand?

Are You Excited About Moving In Together?

Some couples move in together before they're ready. Even if you're a bit nervous, you and your partner should be enthusiastic about moving in together.

Woman saying: I am quite eager to start

Overall, this should be a joyful time when you look forward to making the idea a reality.

Man saying: I have never been so happy in my life

Nowadays, many people move in together for reasons other than marriage — they can't afford to live separately, they just like being around each other, etc. which is totally ok!

As long as you're ready to move in together, you can do it for whatever reasons you like.

Who Should Move In Together?

Baha and Emily always spent time in each other's apartments. They've been together for a while and are considering moving in together, although they have some differences when it comes to life goals.

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John and Steve have been together for 6 months. The've done the math and moving in together makes sense financially. They agree on shared goals and are looking forward to move in together.

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Eliana and Rafael feel good when they're together. They've been dating four 6 weeks but haven't discussed where they want to take their relationship yet.

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Who is the most ready to move in together?

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So now that you can decide: should we or shouldn't we?

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